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Terms and Conditions

IB Design Studios will require a 50% deposit before commencing work. This deposit is non-refundable. Credit Card charge-backs of the 50% deposit will be turned over to a collection agency for legal prosecution.

Customer agrees to pay 50% of Total Order and that 50% of Total Order (based on quote provided) must be received and cleared PRIOR to starting project. IB Design Studios requires 50% of the total order to be paid in advance before work is started on design project. The remaining 50% balance must be paid in full AFTER completion of the design(s) and approval* of the design(s), then Client will receive completed package.

Client agrees to provide LEGAL LICENSED content and images that they wish to be used for their design. IB Design Studios does not supply any images. If the purchaser does not have their own images, a legal image provider can be recommended by the firm. Client hereby releases IB Design Studios from any and all legal actions or monetary settlements arising from the client providing IB Design Studios with unlicensed/illegal images or content to be used for the development of their design.

IB Design Studios reserves the right to change this agreement at any time. Changes could include changes to rules, prices, or the discontinuance of some or all our services. Members may be notified in writing or by electronic publication.

Members agree to indemnify and hold harmless IB Design Studios for any liability that may arise from any use of the services.

Members agree to pay their bill when presented, including any minimum deposit due.

  • If payment method is by Credit Card, account will be automatically debited each time a balance is due unless otherwise specified.
  • There will be a $45.00 NSF charge for all returned checks.
  • IB Design Studios, Inc. reserves the right to require advance payment for accounts with poor payment history. Advance payment will be due prior to the anniversary date of service. If payment is not received prior to the anniversary date, services will be suspended on the anniversary date and a $10.00 reactivation fee will be added.
  • Any billing related problems must be directed to the billing department during billing hours: Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • No changes will be made to an account unless you have spoken directly to a billing representative.

Hourly charges will be based on the following minimums: Scanning time @ minimum half hour block. Maintenance** time @ minimum half hour block. Transcribing time @ minimum 1 hour block. Photography time @ minimum 1 hour block. Custom Programming** time @ minimum 1 hour block.

Secure Certificate - Our Ecommerce package includes a Secure Certificate good for 1 year. Once the 1 year term has expired, the customer is responsible for the renewal fees of the Secure Certificate. The renewal fee for Secure Certificates is $49.95/year.

IB Design Studios reserves the right to refuse services at its discretion if design request is deemed to be offensive, illegal, pornographic, Etc.

The subscriber application, these provisions, the current rules, and the fee schedule constitute the entire agreement between IB Design Studios and the member. There are no other agreements written or oral.

*IB Design Studios does everything possible to make sure Client is 100% satisfied with each design and will make 'reasonable' changes accordingly from the first design shown to client, to the final. Near or upon completion of Client's ordered design(s), opportunity will be given to view all or portion of design(s) for adjustment, corrections and/or approval. In IB Design Studios' attempt to transfer clients' visions into real and functional designs, sometimes minor rework or adjustments of completed work is required, and IB Design Studios will certainly give Client opportunity for review and/or approval as indicated above, however it is not within 'reason' to request an indefinite amount of changes, and therefore IB Design Studios will not rework a design an unreasonable amount of times over for the price of doing it once. AFTER FINAL APPROVAL, PAYMENT AND DELIVERY OF COMPLETED PROJECT the order is considered done and any new requests are considered new project orders.

**For Maintenance requests, maintenance rates pertain to changes made to text and images within a web page layout, changes that will affect the overall page layout will be billed at custom programming hourly rates. If you are not sure about the difference and are interested in having us make changes to an existing site, give us a call and we'll be glad to explain.